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The TUMI difference

You are our inspiration. The reason we obsess over creating pieces that constantly exceed expectations, down to the smallest detail. Test, test, test, reject and repeat. Each and every Tumi product is put through extraordinary paces to make sure it will perform flawlessly. No matter what pressure you put it under. Because things that work beautifully make life a beautiful work.

A functional superiority

A functional superiority

Real Life is our lab

Our innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. People inspire everything we do. Which is why we take each and every product out into the real world, testing, touching and trying in every imaginable scenario — and ultimately rejecting anything that doesnt upgrade and streamline your life.

Challenge #1Stressful, slow-moving security line

Stressful, slow-moving security line

SolutionTUMI T-pass®

Security is essential - but our goal is to cut down your time in line. With TSA-approved T-Pass® technology, you can leave your laptop in your bag as it passes through scanners - giving you one less thing to worry about while getting to get the gate.

Challenge #2Identity theft

Identity theft

SolutionTumi id lock™

Wireless identity theft — where theives use a small, hidden scanner to pick up the information stored in the magnetic strip of credit cards and IDs — can happen in 12 seconds, and is becoming an alarming epidemic. Our RFID-blocking ID Lock material, used in pocket linings, haults the transmission, keeping sensitive information safely unreadable.

Challenge #3More bags than hands

Identity theft

SolutionAdd-a-bag system

Our Add-a-Bag technology quickly and easily allows travelers to effortlessly carry two or three items at the same time with one hand. Our patented Add-a-Bag hook holds in excess of 200 lbs. Alternatively, many TUMI business bags, totes and backpacks feature a back sleeve that slips over luggage handles allowing travelers to stack and carry multiple items.

Challenge #4Shoulder strap slippage

Identity theft

SolutionTumi patented articulating shoulder strap

Move with greater ease with our patented shoulder strap design. The metal loop joints that attach the straps to the shoulder pad help keep the bag from sliding off your shoulder as you move.

Before crossing the finish line...

... at TUMI,
products are put through
a combination of 30unique tests,
many of which
we pioneered

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Handle jerk Test
Handle Jerk Test

How many times have you hoisted a packed bag by its handle? We put the telescoping handle through a series of pull and jerk tests to make sure it won’t pull out of the case.

Tumble test
Tumble Test

We pack the bags to capacity and put them in a large tumbler that tosses them around relentlessly. Cases have to sail through 125 cycles to meet our standards. The competition cracks between 15 and 60 cycles on average.

Environmental Cycle and UV Light Test
Environmental Cycle and UV Light Test

Suitcases routinely go from 120 degree tarmac heat to icy cargo holds at 35,000 feet. We test in extreme temperatures, so from Siberia to the Gobi, your case won’t buckle, crack, shrink, expand, distort or otherwise underperform.

Zipper Tensile Test Fact
Zipper Tensile Test Fact

Need to squeeze in one last pair of shoes? No problem. Your zipper has been extensively tested, and won’t tear.

  • 1. Product Safety
  • 2. Colorfastness to Crocking
  • 3. Colorfastness to Water/Water Repellancy
  • 4. Colorfastness to Perspiration
  • 5. Colorfastness to UV Fading
  • 6. Oil Resistance
  • 7. Clean ability
  • 8. Finish Adhesion
  • 9. Abrasion Resistance
  • 10. Bally Flex
  • 11. Stiffness
  • 12. Tensile Strength
  • 13. Tear Strength
  • 14. Seam Strength
  • 15. Break/Pipiness
  • 16. Shrinkage
  • 17. Dimensional Stability
  • 18. Salt Spray
  • 19. Mini-Tumble
  • 20. Operational Forces
  • 21. Zipper Crosswise Strength
  • 22. Zipper Puller Tensile Strength
  • 23. Environmental Cycle
  • 24. Handle Jerk/Strap Jerk
  • 25. Drop Test
  • 26. Tumble Test
  • 27. Telescoping Handle Free Fall/Impact
  • 28. Telescoping Handle Cycling
  • 29. Mileage Cycle
  • 30. Customized tests as required